Nothing enhances the look of a page like images do. There are two great Gallery options to choose from and each of them have unique features.

Images only

    This gallery allows you to add as many images as you wish and it will present them as a slider which visitors can cycle/loop through endlessly.
    This gallery provides an optional field for a title of the entire gallery, as well as a description of the entire gallery. See example below.
    This gallery is perfect for when all is needed is for images to be looked at and a description of each image is not required. For example, Holiday party, employee event, etc.
Image Gallery
    This one is different than the one above, this gallery allows content managers to add as many images as needed, but each image may have its own title and text.
    This gallery is great when content managers need to describe each image for added context.
    The slider loops through all images indefinitely.
Gallery with images text
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