A Hero component is normally found on the homepage and it provides a series of resources that are important to visitors of the site.

Let's review the main parts of the Hero:

  1. News articles slider

    The slider cycles through 2 or more news articles which can be hand-picked by content editors. If only one article is selected the slider's behavior is removed and the single article is shown without the slider's arrows.

  2. Useful links (icons) to resources

    Links in the form of icons are a great way to link to important resources. These links can be other pages within the site or external websites altogether.

  3. Compact News or Procedures articles

    Compact articles display only the article titles. These can be News articles or Procedures. The limit of these articles is two.

  4. Main article item

    Finally, the main News article with a thumbnail image and its title. This is for articles you wish to call out and keep on the homepage for special announcements when the Slider's articles no longer apply for this purpose.

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