Header links bar

There are several ways in which icons can be added to the site. One of these ways is adding Header icons. This as displayed at the top of the site and are available throughout the entire website.

The main purpose for the Header Links Bar is to display links to the most important resources of your organization. These should be resources that apply to all employees as these will always be visible to them. There is no need to add links to pages/resources that may not be important to most people. In addition, since these links should be of high importance, they should be limited to a hand-full of them. Adding excessive number of links will result in a poor user experience and they will also defeat the purpose of importance of the links. Here are some links content managers should consider to be part of this component:

  • Staff Directory

  • Documents/Forms

  • Human Resources

  • Court Locations

  • PACTs or CM/ECF

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