Alerts are intended to be use to present urgent messages to Court's staff. These messages are of emergency nature such as a System outage, pandemic, and other highly critical messages. The alert is displayed at the very top of the website and it has a red background and white text so it stands out from everything else. See Image 1.

Creating Alert messages

Ensure you are logged in to your Intranet system to perform the steps below

  1. From your website's administrative toolbar (top of your site), click the Content link

  2. Click the Add content button

  3. Click Alert from the available options

  4. Fill-out the Title of the alert. This is a required field.

  5. The Activate this alert toggle button allows you to turn the Alert on/off. In some cases you may have an alert that needs to be temporarily off. When you are ready to display it again, you turn it back on.

  6. Summary: Since the space for the Alert is limited, the Summary field allows you to type a condensed version of the message. This message should be short but descriptive enough.

  7. Body: This is where you can type a long description of the alert. Here you can add images and other HTML elements.

  8. Attachments: If your alert has a supporting document to go with, like a PDF attachment, you can upload the document to it.

  9. Press Save

Viewing archived alerts

During and after an alert is published, you can visit your site's /alerts page to view a list of previously published alerts. This is a great way to review archived alerts that were published in the past.

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