Documents and Forms

PDF documents are widely used on Intranet websites. The following instructions will allow you to manage documents, including forms, so you can make use of them throughout your website. The Intranet system supports most commonly used document formats including pdf, docx, xls, txt, ppt, and others.

Naming your document prior to uploading

Naming documents should be done using a consistent methodology. This will result in visitors having a good user experience when viewing and downloading your documents. Here are some basic guidelines for naming documents:

  • Always use lower-case for the name.

  • Never use underscores (_), spaces, or symbols (i.e. #, $, %, &, etc.), when naming a document.

  • It's okay to use numbers as part of the document name.

  • There should only be one period on the name, the one just before the document extension (i.e. .pdf)

  • Always use hyphen/dash to separate words (i.e. how-to-properly-reboot-your-pc.pdf)

  • Don't use long names. Your document names will become URLs on your site. Keep them relatively short.

  • Always follow the same guidelines for all your documents.

Uploading documents to the Intranet

Ensure you are logged in to your Intranet system to perform the steps below

  1. From your website's administrative toolbar (top of your site), click the Content link

  2. Click Media

  3. Click the Add media button

  4. Click Document

  5. In the name field, type the name of the document. The name should be descriptive enough (i.e. How to properly reboot your pc). This name will be used when listing documents on a table.

  6. In the document file upload field, browse to where your documents are saved and select the one you wish to upload.

  7. When the description field comes up, add a description to the document. This can match the document name you typed in step 5, or you could type a more descriptive value.

  8. Select a Document type

  9. Select a Department this document belongs to

  10. If the document is a form for which you have a form number, type it in the Form number field.

  11. Select an effective date and if applicable, select a last updated date

  12. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  13. Repeat the steps with each document.

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