Managing images

Your website offers a media management system which allows you to upload images and reuse them as many time as needed without having to upload the same image twice. Since some images require special treatment such as dimensions, resolution, and cropping, the system has been setup so you don't need to concern yourself with any of that. Images have been configured for most use cases so when you add an image to a given component or page, the system should automatically process the image so it displays as you would expect.

A good rule of thumb is to upload images as big as you can. This will allow for those images to be used even on the most extremes scenarios. When you add content to your site and you are faced with an image upload field, you will be provided guidelines for how big the image you upload should be. There are several ways in which you can uploaded images to your site:

  1. Upload images through the media management system with the intention of using them later on various ways

  2. Upload images from the specific area where the image will be used. For example, while creating a news article, or creating a banner component.

These instructions will focus on item #1 above.

Uploading and storing images for later use

Ensure you are logged in to your Intranet system to perform the steps below

  1. From your website's administrative toolbar (top of your site), click the Content link

  2. Click Media

  3. Click the Add media button

  4. Click Image

  5. Using the Image upload field, upload one image at a time

  6. Provide a helpful and descriptive alt text to each image. This is a good practice for accessibility.

  7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Using previously uploaded images

Some of the content on your site requires images. For example News articles, Banners, and others. As you create any of these kind of content, you will be prompted to add images. When your click the Add media button, a dialog box or modal window will come up from which you could either upload a new image, or select an image that you have previously uploaded. Selecting a previously uploaded image is the best way to reuse assets.

Uploading images for specific use case

Depending on the kind of content you are creating, you will be prompted to upload images. As indicated below, each image upload field has been configured to process the image you upload so it provides the expected result for resolution, dimensions or even cropping. Refer to the Managing content section for more details on uploading images for a specific use case.

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