Generate content

Since we will need blog posts to display on our homepage, let's create a few of them using the Devel Generate module. This module creates all kinds of content for us using lorem ipsum text. In addition to blog posts, we will also need to create a few user accounts and some taxonomy terms. Let's start

Exercise: Create Taxonomy terms and users

  1. Enable the Devel Generate module by going to the module's page in Drupal (Extend option from admin toolbar)

  2. Search for Devel and you will see Devel Generate. Check the box next to it and click Install

  3. From Drupal's admin toolbar click Configuration > Development > Generate Terms

  4. Accept the defaults and click the Generate button

  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4, but this time for Users

Generate blog posts

  1. From Drupal's admin toolbar click Configuration > Development > Generate content

  2. Under Content type check **Blog ** then click Generate

  3. Be sure none of the blog posts are promoted to the frontpage.

We should now have plenty of blog posts to use. Some values in our content may be need to be tweaked as some content may be too long for our purpose.

Promote blog posts to homepage

Pick two blog posts, edit them and choose Promote to the frontpage from the Promotion Options tag in the node edit page.

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