Drupal Views

To build the Featured Content and From our blog sections we are going to use the power of Drupal's views and View Modes. By querying all Article content we can generate a list of blog article posts, then using View Modes, we can determine the fields we'll expose as well as the format in which fields will be rendered. Drupal Views are database queries you can write and execute using Drupal's UI.

Exercise: Blog articles View

Let's start by creating a new view to pull all article posts. Then we will create two block displays out of the view; one for the Featured Content posts, and the other one to show the From our Blog posts.

  1. From Drupal's Admin toolbar click Structure | Views

  2. Click the Add view button

  3. For View name type Blog posts

  4. Machine name should auto complete to blog_posts

  5. For VIEW SETTINGS, Show Content Of type: Article

  6. Check Create a page and set its path to blog

  7. For PAGE DISPLAY SETTINGS, ensure **Teasers **is selected

  8. Leave Use a pager checkbox checked

  9. Check Create a block

  10. Under BLOCK SETTINGS be sure Teasers is selected

  11. Type From our blog as the block title

  12. Accept the value from the Items per block field

  13. Click the Save and edit button

Updating the view

  1. At the top of the view, change the Display name** **** **to From our blog by clicking the word Block and typing the new display name under the Administrative name field, then pressing the Apply button. This helps you distinguish each of your views displays as you work with them.

  2. In the FORMAT section, click Settings next to Unformatted list and clear the Add views row classes checkbox and then press the Apply button. Since we will be writing our own markup, we don't need Drupal's default classes.

  3. Still in the FORMAT section, click **Content next to Show and select Thi block (override) from the dropdown, then click Apply this display button. As we discussed before, we will use the Teaser view mode to display the 4 articles shown in the _From our blog **_section.

  4. Under FILTER CRITERIA, click the Add button, then search for Promoted to front page

  5. Check the checkbox next to Promoted to front page > Content, then click the **Add and configure filter criteria **button

  6. At the filter criteria window, ensure is equal to is the operator, and No is the** **Promoted to front page status

  7. Select This block (override) from the dropdown at the top of the window

  8. Click_ the Apply (this display) button_

  9. Under BLOCK SETTINGS, change the block name to From our blog by clicking _block, _then clicking the Apply button. This will appear as the name of this block in administer >> structure >> blocks.

  10. Expand the ADVANCED fieldset to the right of the view page

  11. Under _Machine name**, click the current value and change it to from_our_blog, the click the Apply button. Using a custom and meaningful machine name ensures our twig template suggestions will use names that make sense. **_You will see this later.

  12. In the PAGER section, click the display all items link and change its setting to Display a specified number of items, when prompted type 4 for the number of items to display.

  13. _Finally, save all your changes by pressing the Save button. Failing to press _Save, will result in loosing all your changes.

Your view should look like the image below. Click on it to zoom in.

Now we are going to create a new views display for the Featured Content. We will inherit all the settings from the From our blog display and then we will change things to Featured content.

VERY IMPORTANT: On screens where you see a dropdown with the label of for, be sure you select This block (override). This means the changes you are making should only apply to the block/display you are currently working with, and not the original block/display we created above.

  1. At the top of the new view, just below the word Displays click the + Add button next to From our blog

  2. Choose_ _Block from the dropdown

  3. You will follow most of the steps from the Updating the view section above, but will make some modifications.

  4. First, change any _From our blog _reference to Featured content. Be sure the Machine Name reference in step 10, is typed as follows: featured_content

  5. For step 3 above, choose Featured as the view mode

  6. For step 4, FILTER CRITERIA, click the existing value from No to Yes for Promoted to front page status. In addition, and SUPER IMPORTANT, change the for dropdown to This block (override). This will ensure the changes you are making don't affect the first display we built above.

  7. In the middle of the view under PAGER, change 4 items link and change it to 2 items to display. Then press the Apply_ button. _Be sure the for dropdown reads This block (override).

  8. Once you made all the updates, Save the view to conserve your changes.

The Featured Content display/block should look like this. Click on it to zoom in.,

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