Homepage content type

Exercise: Building a Homepage content type

We'll build a new content type which we will use to build the homepage with all of its components shown in our design.

  1. From Drupal's Admin Toolbar, click Structure | Content Types

  2. Click the **Add content type **button

  3. In the name field type Homepage

  4. Click the Save and manage fields button at the bottom of the page

  5. Delete the **body **field

Exercise: Adding the Hero field to the Homepage

  1. While still in the Homepage content type, click the Add field button

  2. Under the Add a new field dropdown, scroll to the Reference section and select Content

  3. Click the Save and continue button

  4. Change Allowed number of values_ to Limited - 1

  5. In the Reference Type section, choose Article under Content type

  6. Click the Save settings button

Exercise: Create a new Node with a Hero

Using the Homepage content type, create a new node and add a Hero component in it:

  1. From Drupal's Admin toolbar, click Content

  2. Click the Add content button

  3. Select Homepage

  4. As the Page title type** Homepage**

  5. In the Hero field, begin typing any characters and as article suggestions begin to display, select an article of your choice

  6. Click the **Save **button

The above exercise will create a node of type Homepage, with an article as the Hero. It is clear we have more work to do since the Hero article does not look like a Hero at all. We will clean things up in the following exercises.\

It's pretty obvious there are a lot of things that need improvement with our Hero, but we will get to that shortly.

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