Author integration

Out of the box Drupal does not provide template suggestions for users. After researching a little I found a hook alter that will allow us to create new template suggestions.

  1. In your editor, open training_theme.theme which is located in the root of your theme

  2. Add the following code:

 * Implements hook_theme_suggestions_user_alter().
 *   An array of alternate, more specific names for template files or theme
 *   functions for users.
function training_theme_theme_suggestions_user_alter(&$suggestions, $vars, $hook) {

  // Define the view mode.
  $mode = $vars['elements']['#view_mode'];

  // Create a theme hook suggestion which has the view mode name in it.
  $suggestions[] = 'user__' . $mode;
  • The hook alter above will make it possible for Drupal to provide some useful twig template suggestions.

  • Clear Drupal's cache

  • Inspect the user by right-clicking over the user's picture and selecting Inspect or Inspect Element

  • As you scroll through the debugging info in your inspector you should be able to see template suggestions for users. See screenshot:

  • By default Drupal uses user.html.twig to render all users. Thanks to the hook alter we added earlier we now see a new template suggestion, user--author.html.twig. This template is using the new view mode we created for our users earlier.

  • Copy user.html.twig from the path shown in the image above (core/themes/stable/templates/user/, into your theme's /templates/user folder

  • Rename the newly copied template user--author.html.twig

  • Clear Drupal's cache

  • If you reload the homepage again and inspect the user you should see our new template suggestion being used by Drupal.

Integrating the Author component

  1. Open user--author.html.twig in your editor and as we've done with all template suggestions, delete all the code except the comments

  2. Add the following code and save the file

{% include "@training_theme/author/author.twig" with
    "attributes": attributes,
    "author": {
      "photo": content.user_picture,
      "name": content.field_full_name,
      "title": content.field_title
  • Reload Drupal's homepage and you should now see the author information properly themed.

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