Integrating the Card Wide

In the previous exercise we used the default card component to display blog posts that are part of the From our blog section. In this exercise, you will use the Card Wide variant to style blog posts that are part of the Featured Content section. The process for achieving this is exactly as we did with the regular card in the previous exercise. Here are some things to note:

  • In the previous exercise we used the Teaser view mode to create a custom twig template. In this exercise use the Featured view mode

  • In order to achieve the Card Wide look, we need to pass a modifier class of card--wide when the component is integrated

  • The card wide does not use tags, but it does use the author field

  • Use the appropriate twig block for displaying the date, in short format. Remember, we created two twig blocks in the card component to determine where the date will be displayed depending on the card we are working with.

  • Finally, the template suggestion you will need to create is node--article--featured.html.twig

Full integration code

Here is what node--article--featured.html.twig looks like when the Card Wide is integrated.

{# Sets variable to trigger content render array. #}

<div data-gb-custom-block data-tag="set"></div>

Sets variable for article title to provide all
properties needed by the heading component (heading_level,
modifier, title, and url).
{% set article_title = {
    "heading_level": 3,
    "modifier": "card__title",
    "title": label,
    "url": url

Uses embed to be able to include card component
and make use of twig blocks found in such component.
{% embed '@components_theme/card/card.twig' with
    "attributes": attributes,
    "title_prefix": title_prefix,
    "title_suffix": title_suffix,
    "image": content.field_image is not empty ? content.field_image,
    "heading": article_title,
    "date": node.createdtime|date('M d'),
    "category": content.field_category|render|trim is not empty ? content.field_category,
    "body_text": content.body|render|trim is not empty ? content.body,
    "author": content.field_author,
    "modifier": 'card--wide'
  } only

  {# Calls featured_date twig block.#}

<div data-gb-custom-block data-tag="block">

    {{ date }}


  Removes content from card_date twig block
  to avoid printing the date twice and in
  different places.

<div data-gb-custom-block data-tag="block">



  {# Calls author twig block.#}

<div data-gb-custom-block data-tag="block">

    {{ author }}


  • Save the changes above and clear Drupal's cache

  • Reload Drupal's homepage

  • The Featured Content section rendered with the Card wide. But there seems to be a problem with the author information. Let's fix it next

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