Drupal theme and Front-End Tools

In a fast moving industry like ours, it is imperative that we have tools that allow us to build environments (front and back-end), quickly while providing consistency. The same way we have DevOps processes for quickly spinning off a complete Drupal website built with composer, Drush, Drupal Console and more, we need a system that automates the Drupal theme creation process in an effort to provide all the essential tools needed for a modern, best practices, and standards compliant front-end environment.

The local environment we provide for this training already includes a fully functional Drupal 8 theme, which includes the following Front-End tools:

  • Pattern Lab: Design system to build a living style-guide.

  • NodeJS: A Javascript runtime system used by most modern apps today.

  • NVM: Node Version Manager .

  • NPM: Node Package Manager to manage node dependencies.

  • Gulp: Task runner to automate repetitive tasks such as code compile and more.

  • BreakpointsJS: Allows to generate breakpoints using media queries.